5-Day Club®

What is a 5-Day Club?

A 5-Day Club® is an hour and a half long, high-octane dose of fun and learning about God’s word located in your neighborhood! These clubs meet for 5 consecutive days, and are filled with strong, faith building teaching from God’s Word woven into upbeat songs, key memory verses, and powerful Bible lessons.

What is taught at a 5-Day Club?

2019 5-Day Club at the Giving Garden

Each day children will discover more about God’s love for them as they learn memory verses, listen to true stories from the Bible, and hear the gospel message clearly presented in a way they can understand. They will also grow in their faith as they hear real-life accounts of missionaries who followed God’s leading into other lands.

Fun games, tasty snacks, and cool prizes help to round out the club and make it enjoyable for the kids while they learn.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for your child to attend a 5-Day Club. There is an optional missionary offering that will be taken each day, and children are encouraged to bring their own money if they would like to help support a missionary.

If you would like your children to attend a 5-Day Club or would like to host one yourself, please contact us.