Every good ministry has success because of two things: God, by whom we are saved, and a staff that serves Him. Here at CEF of Benton County, our goal is always to reach out to children and teens, and bring them to the knowledge of Jesus Christ their savior. All of our staff members, interns, Summer Missionaries, and volunteers are dedicated to seeing this goal accomplished through whatever ways God has called them to serve Him.

Look below to learn more about each member of our team, how they serve God through CEF, what’s on their heart for ministry, and some of the prayer requests they have.

Cora Tucker, Local Director

Cora Tucker

Local Director

Cora has an incredible vision to see the children of Benton County come to Christ! As our Local Director, she puts many of her talents to good use planning, organizing, and overseeing the ministry here in Benton County. Cora has a knack for teaching and training others, and wants to see that continued as we work together with the local churches to train and equip God’s workers.

During her free time, Cora likes to spend time with her husband, Duane, and their two little doxens, Romeo and Jada. She also enjoys trips to the beach.

Please pray for Cora as she serves with us as our Local Director. Pray that God would guide her and give her His wisdom and enabling, as many of the decisions made locally are up to her and she has a great deal of organization and planning to do for each ministry outreach we are a part of. Pray that God would continue to fill her heart with the joy of sharing the gospel with children!

Kayleen Talbert, Office Manager

Kayleen Talbert

Office Manager

Kayleen serves with us as our Office Manager. She uses her gifts to design new fliers and brochures, keeping our many databases in order, and is in charge of our local Christian Youth In Action students. She also serves as our Camp Good News Program Director. She has been a Camp Good News counselor, and a Christian Youth In Action student and staff member, for over 10 years! We are thankful to have her on our team!

When not at work, Kayleen enjoys time volunteering as a Middle School leader for her local church, and either reading good book or enjoying a great movie while cuddling with her cat, Meeko.

Please pray for Kayleen as she continues to serve with us! Pray that God would be able to work through her to reach the children of Benton County.

Amanda Stewart, Office Assistant

Amanda Stewart

Office Assistant

Amanda serves as our Office Assistant. She started out as a parent volunteer at one of our local Released-Time Classes, walking children to and from the class. She then started using her gifts of teaching to help out during the class. She has a great passion to serve in any capacity needed! Amanda joined our staff in Fall of 2016, and hopes to continue working and serving with us!

In her spare time, she enjoys beachcombing and hiking with her family, photography, and cuddling on the couch with her daughters. Spending time with her husband, Josh, and her daughters, is the best part of any day!
Please pray for Amanda as she serve’s alongside us!

Robin Cordova,

Robin Cordova

Office Intern

We are grateful to have Robin join our team here in Benton. Robin has served in our Christian Youth In Action program for fours years, as well as in our Camp Good News and Good News Clubs. Robin has a heart to see children reached for Christ and her passion for the Lord is infectious!

As our intern, Robin helps with some of the finer details  of our work: folding, cutting, preparing kits for the kids, database entries. We are giving her an inside look of all the programs CEF offers.

Robin is towards the end of her Senior year of high school, and hopes to attend a local one-year Bible college this coming fall. When not in school or working in our office, Robin can be found serving many other places! She also enjoys spending time with her family of 4 and out on her unicycle.
Please pray for Robin as she continues to serve with us!