Teacher Training Class

What happens at a training class?

We start off our time together with a short “skills” class(e.g. How to counsel a Child, How to teach a Memory Verse, etc). During class you’ll see a demonstration of the material planned for the next week’s Good News Club®. This includes the Bible lesson, memory verse, Wonder Time and review game, as well as suggested songs whose themes fit well with the week’s material. After the demonstration, we’ll take a look at the Bible passage behind the lesson and see what God has for us teachers to learn from the story. Most weeks we have a local Pastor come share this with us.

When is Training Class?

Our weekly training class is held on Monday mornings from 9:30-11:30am. We meet in the Fireside room at the First Baptist Church of Corvallis.

If you are interested in attending our weekly training class, you can let us know by signing up below. Or just simply come the next Monday you’re available!

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