Our Volunteers

April is National Volunteer month and here at CEF we LOVE our volunteers. We would be hard-pressed to accomplish much without the efforts of our faithful volunteers. These men and women give freely of themselves to invest in the lives of boys and girls. Their only rewards are the smiles of the children each week as they enter Good News Club, and the hope that the lives of those children will be enriched through the Word of God taught in the lessons and in the lives of the volunteers.

Generally speaking, volunteering is any voluntary act of an individual giving freely of their time and efforts for community services. However, CEF Volunteers are a bit different. They give freely of their time and service for the furtherance of the gospel. They are responding to the call of the LORD Jesus Christ to serve one another.

Our volunteers recognize they are not just committing altruistic acts to be a better person but rather they are serving people in response to the great commission, bringing others to Christ who alone is able to make us all better people. (I Cor 5:17) ” If any man be in Christ he is a new creation, old things are passed away and all things are becoming new.

Each day spent in preparation to teach, each hour given to weekly clubs, and each minute devoted to praying for our ministry is time well invested. You may never know the full impact of your service until you stand before the Lord one day and hear, “Well done!”

So here’s to our volunteers!

Thank you for a job well done!