Good News Club® 2022-2023

Good News Clubs will start the first week of October and meet through April. Clubs will not meet during the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas break, or spring break. Other bad weather days or situations may arise that prevent meeting.

Released-time & After-school Clubs:

A released-time club meets during school, once a week, towards the end of the school day. Children are picked up by approved CEF workers from their school and walk, or are transported, to their club location.

An after-school club meets in the afternoon or evening and is “after” school hours. Many of these programs provide extended hour care options and possible transportation from school to the club location.

Good News Clubs will follow all school and/or host location guidelines on masks and social distancing. (These policies are subject to change throughout the year.)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our safety guidelines, please contact our office. We want every family to feel safe sending their children to our programs and, within reason, will make every effort to accommodate concerns.

2022-2023 Club Locations:

Tuesday Good News Clubs

Philomath Elementary Released-time Club / 1:25-2:40 / New Life Fellowship

Philomath After-school Club / 2:50-5:00 / New Life Fellowship

Wednesday Good News Clubs

Monroe Grade School Released-time Club / 2:00-2:45 / Monroe School Cafeteria

Alsea Grade School Released-time Club / 1:45-2:45 / Alsea Public Library

Clemens Primary School Released-time Club / 1:15-2:30 / PYAC

The Gathering Church Club / 4:30-6:00 / 5050 NE Elliott Circle, Corvallis / An adult study is also available from 4:30-6:00.

Thursday Good News Clubs

Kings Valley Released-time Club / 2:05-2:50 / Location: Kings Valley Community Building

Corvallis After-school Club / 3:15-5:00 / First Baptist Church of Corvallis

Please contact us for more information about these clubs!

If a club is not available in your area yet, contact us and maybe we can work together to make sure children can have the opportunity to hear the Gospel through Good News Club.