Get Involved

Here are some various ways you and/or your church can get involved with CEF!

In Prayer

Please join us as we lift of the ministry to the Lord in prayer and in praise for all He is doing!

  • For the children
  • For volunteers
  • For board members
  • For church partners
  • For the Holy Spirit to fill us as we reach the children
  • For the financial and physical resources needed to reach more children


Is your church passionate about transforming the lives of children and ministering to your community?
Child Evangelism Fellowship shares that passion and we are prepared and eager to help you reach your community for Christ through effective ministry to children in a Good News Club® and 5-Day Club®! God allows us to offer a proven plan, effective training and high-quality materials focused on bringing neighborhood children and their families into the local church. Contact us TODAY!


Host a 5-Day Club, Good News Club, and/or a Release-Time Class in your church building. We will provide a team of teachers and the materials needed to teach. All you have to do is:

  • Provide a place at your church, whether inside or outside, to have club.
  • Provide refreshments for the kids after club
  • Invite kids from the neighborhood and your congregation to come! (CEF will provide the invitations)


You, as a church, can adopt a school near you. You can:

  • Pray for the kids and staff of the school
  • Work with the school to set up a Good News Club
  • Help teach the class! CEF provides a weekly training class for just that!


Volunteer Registration

Become a Committee Member

This ministry is run by God’s guidance and our amazing committee members. If you would like to attend a meeting and learn more, please send us an email to

Good News Club


A helper in a class may:

  • Listen to Bible verses
  • Prepare snacks
  • Take roll
  • Walk or drive children to class
  • Help maintain class control
  • Interview children
  • Hold song visuals
  • Lead review game


A team teacher in a club rotates teaching duties with other team-teachers each week.

Lead Teacher

  • Teaches the Bible lesson
  • Teaches the Bible memory verse

Club Coordinator

A Club Coordinator helps with more of the background details, such as:

  • Contacting the local school to set up the club
  • Contacting a nearby location for the club to meet at
  • Setting up a snack schedule with volunteers
  • Setting a teaching schedule for the weekly club volunteers

5-Day Club


A host may:

  • Open their home, backyard, or local community center for the 5-Day Club
  • Provide a daily snack for the children
  • Invite neighborhood children to attend the club
  • Optional: Prepare a craft time, additional games, or other special activities for before or after the club

Click here to read more about what happens during a club.

Camp Good News


  • Greet kids as they come in the morning
  • Take kids to and from the different activities, such as:games, crafts, Bible class, missions, swimming, etc.
  • Listen to memory verses
  • Help kids memorize extra verses for more points!
  • Lead kids through a pre-prepared activity booklet

Craft Helper

  • Set up for crafts in the afternoon (In an air-conditioned room)
  • Help kids, as needed, with crafts
  • Clean up after crafts is over

Set-up and/or take-down

  • Set up/take down the tents and canopies. We set up around 20 each year.
  • Decorate the inside of the main building.
  • Set up/take down the chairs and stage

Snack Helper

  • Prepare snacks each morning and/or afternoon

Christian Youth In Action

CYIA™ is a summer missions program for teens, developed and run by Child Evangelism Fellowship staff and volunteers.


  • Sign up to go to CYIA
  • Teach at 3 or more clubs during the summer
  • Volunteer to help at the Philomath Frolic or Benton County Fair outreach booths.


  • Cabin Counselor: Lead a group of 6-10 teens in morning and evening devotionals
  • Team Trainer: Lead a team of 3-5 teens in learning the 5-Day Club material and teaching it at your 5-Day Club.
  • Support Team: Help prepare daily snacks, pass out prayer cards, sit in on classes, drive teams to clubs or open-air, etc.


Help a teen get to CYIA by sponsoring them with a one-time donation to CEF, including a note referring to which student you would like the donation to go towards.

FiRST Friday

On the First Friday of the month, we invite volunteers to fellowship with us as we work together on tasks such as stuffing newsletters for mailing or putting together fun gifts for the kids involved in our ministry.

If you would like to partner with the Lord in this way, please contact us!