Christian Youth In Action

Looking for a way to get involved in ministry this summer? Want your teenager to learn some valuable skills and how to share their faith? Then check out Christian Youth In Action®! You can find out more about CYIA™ here.

CYIA 2024 is coming up June 15-21. Mark your calendars!

Teacher Training Class

Saturdays, 9:00-11:00am – At First Baptist Church of Corvallis

Our Teacher Training Class has now switched to a once-a-series occurrence. Please contact our office for exact dates.

Our Teacher Training Class is specifically geared towards Good News Club® volunteers but everyone is welcome.

Our staff walks through the upcoming GNC® curriculum series, sharing tips for each lesson. If new songs are introduced in the series, then those are demonstrated and sung through together to learn the tune and motions.

For the second half of training class, we’ll take a look at the Bible passage behind the lesson and see what God has for us teachers to learn from the story. This is generally shared by a local Pastor.

If you’re using CEF® materials and are looking for ideas on how to use them in your class, are working with CEF in teaching a club already, or would like to see what a Good News Club looks like, then you should come to our Teacher Training Class!

Click here to sign up for our Teacher Training Class!

Call the CEF Office (541-752-3740) for more information on Teacher Training Class and our current class schedule.

Children’s Ministry Institute

Children’s Ministry Institute® (CMI®) offers training classes ranging from explaining the gospel to children, to how to manage the work of a ministry. These classes are offered both online and on campus at CEF International Headquarters in Warrenton, MO. For more information, head over to the CMI website.

Online Seminars

CMI also offers a great variety of online seminars, ranging from Leadership Training to Maintaining Classroom Discipline to Reaching Those With Special Needs. The cost of these seminars varies from FREE to $30. For more information about what seminars are being offered, visit the CMI Website

Teaching Children Effectively

Teaching Children Effectively (TCE) Level 1 is designed to offer a fresh approach to evangelizing and teaching children. Based on spiritual and educational principles, the course provides the methods and procedures to lead children to Christ and immediately equips the believer to begin and sustain a ministry where he lives. Student practicums are a vital part of the instructional procedure making TCE a refreshing way to train Christians in child evangelism. You can learn more about TCE here.

This course can either be taken through CMI online or as a field course. If you would be interested in enrolling in a TCE class, please contact our office for information about when our next local class will be!