Party Clubs

Party clubs are a one-time club that is held in either a host’s home, community center, or possibly at their church. The host invites local children to come to the party, lasting anywhere from 1-3 hours long. The party club is filled with fun games, tasty snacks, an amazing craft, and most importantly, a Bible lesson from God’s Word.

Party Clubs can be held close to a holiday, such as Valentines day, Christmas, Easter, or St. Patrick’s day. Or you can choose to have a party at a different time of the year, just because!

Christmas Across America

You can reach out to the children in your neighborhood with the truth about Christmas! Learn more about Christmas party clubs here!

Easter Party Club

An Easter party club is normally held 1-2 weeks prior to Easter. During the club, you get to share with the children of the hope we have in Jesus! For more information about how you can host a club, please contact our office.

See what Easter Party Clubs will be offered this year.